Copper and Brass Polishing

The material an item is made out of does not always determine how valuable or precious it can be. Many collectible statues, brass samovars, candelabras, lamps, door hardware and back plates, wall sconces, chandeliers, tables and more can be made out of copper, brass, bronze, pewter, spelter, silver and gold. Common problems with these metals include pitting and corrosion, and oxide scale build up. When these problems begin, the professionals at Zapffe Silversmiths perform cleaning and polishing or refinishing of the surface of the metal which stops the corrosion process and restores the damaged and pitted surfaces to a like new finish.

The silversmiths at Zapffe also silver solder broken pieces, rewire and refinish lamps and apply a clear coat finish to prevent tarnishing on the surface of the metal.

What our customers are saying:

Thank you very much for the outstanding job you did in refurbishing and repairing my antique Russian Samovar – It is beautiful!
Anne W.
Nome, AK
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