Copper Retinning

Copper cookware has long been touted as the pan of choice by many Chefs. Copper's quick, even heating, and rapid cooling makes it the perfect material for cooking delicate recipes. Copper cookware must have an undamaged layer of tin or aluminum that acts as a protective barrier between the copper and the food being prepared.

When the layer of tin breaks down, the copper is easily dissolved by some foods, and in sufficient quantities can cause severe food poisoning symptoms.

When the tin lining in copper cookware wears thin, Zapffe Silversmiths can re-tin a hand applied tin finish. Appling tin in this fashion results with a heavy tin lining to last years of everyday use. Re-tinning by Zapffe's will restore the value and use of your high end cookware for years to come.

To inquire about our copper re-tinning services please call us toll free at 1-800-544-9313.
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